Meetings and Conferences – How to Prepare

Having navigated the child protection system for almost four years now, I have attended my fair share of meetings and what I have learnt is the importance of good preparation. Going into a meeting room faced with professionals is incredibly frightening, especially when the subject is your own parenting; in this post I am going to help you learn how to prepare both physically and emotionally to ensure you get the best out of the meeting as possible.

There are a number of different titles for meetings and if you’re not familiar with these, it can throw you straight away. Each section below details the type and title of meeting, purpose, involvement, venue, my experience, and advice on how to prepare. Some of the information and advice is repeated, but the idea is to follow the advice relevant to the meeting which you are due to attend based on the meeting name or title. Please note that all of this is based upon my own experiences and the research I have undertaken and don’t forget to check out my Glossary for explanations of terms used.

Team Around The Child (TAC) / Team Around The Family (TAF)

Strategy Meetings

Child In Need Meeting (CIN) (Section17)

Child Protection Meeting/Conference (CP) (Section 47)

Looked After Child Meeting (LAC)

Care Team Meeting (also known as a Core Group Meeting)