Whilst I believe the written word to be very powerful, I am also an effective public speaker and feel passionately about this. I am able to speak at conferences and seminars and I have national and international chairing experience.

I also offer training packages for student social workers, law students, newly qualified and experienced practitioners within local authorities, and solicitors and barristers within law firms and chambers and can tailor the package to your requirements.
A session that has worked well consists of the attendees listening to my story and experiences, and then working on case studies I have devised to help them to think from a parent’s perspective; something which has been truly valued by both students and professionals. This is an entirely unique service as it is run by a birth parent; a voice so often lost in the child protection process.

My objective in speaking about my experiences is to help the Social Worker, lawyer, professional and parent to work collaboratively and in partnership to keep children safe within their families wherever possible.

Feedback received:

“I worked with “Annie” on designing and delivering training for Social Workers titled ‘Empowering families.’
She is a highly effective group facilitator stepping into centre of the space with the upmost confidence and engaging the whole room in the activities that she delivers. When she speaks about a subject it is with a mix of background knowledge, research and personal experience that is compelling to the whole audience. Her quick thinking humour give her training a sense of freshness with potential to move with the mood and interest of the participants into unexpected and interesting areas.
The training in Camden was attended by very experienced professionals, newly qualified (ASYE) social workers and family members. We took detailed feedback from them afterwards and it demonstrated that each of them connected extremely well with “Annie” and her communication style. The ratings against our learning objectives were the highest we have had in our service for training with social workers.
We found that “Annie” created a space for dialogue between, social workers and family members that moved beyond the “usual” safeguarding discourse.
In the lead up to the training I met with “Annie” in person and we also stayed in touch and talked things through by phone to plan the content which we would deliver. Working on detail with “Annie” is an enjoyable and very productive process, she has very clear ideas on content, exercises that would work well and is prepared to challenge others ideas constructively to shape improvements to the training plans. The printed materials she produced with feedback forms and nicely styled hand-outs were excellent.”
(Tim Fisher: Family Group Conference Manager for Camden)

“I will be a better practitioner as a result”
“…you are helping me to reconnect”
“the best and most valuable training I have been on since being employed”
“reignited my passion to be a good social worker”
“I cried, and haven’t felt so moved by work- related issues for many years”
“every social worker, team manager, service unit manager, local authority and judge needs to hear this presentation.”
(After giving a Masterclass for South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership – experienced practitioners)

“…I don’t know if you realised this, but we were all hanging on your every word…You have real flair. It seems to me that you have a talent for drama, presentation and a fantastic ability with both spoken and written words…”
I thought your presentation was extremely powerful. I admire your bravery in speaking both about your own faults and the system failures.”
(After giving a seminar to social workers within Tower Hamlets LA)

“Great lecture. Enjoyed the case study aspect and applying it to real-life stories. Excellent to have Service User sharing…”
“Enjoyed “Annie’s” story; it helps to look at real cases with real people!”
(After delivering a session on risk assessment at Northumbria University)

“You were a fabulous chair…thank you!” “You did a brilliant job…so good, you’ll get asked again and again…” “(Surviving Safeguarding) chaired the conference with great confidence and professionalism” 
(After chairing Your Family Your Voice Parent’s Alliance Conference)

“Thanks so much for your chairing wisdom and insight”
(After co-chairing an international Knowledge Exchange Seminar)


Please contact me if you have an event in which you think my input would be useful. 

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  1. Have a conference on 20 September in West Midlands. Would you be available to speak for a maximum of 30 minutes? You would follow on from our Senior Family Court Judge? Can I call you? I am Director of Children and Families in Sandwell MBC.

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