Child Protection Conference

This is a meeting to decide if your child should be made the subject of a Child Protection Plan and placed on the Child Protection Register. The subjects of the meeting can be your existing children, or your unborn child. There will be a lot of people attending:

  • The Chair – an Independent Reviewing Officer
  • Minute Taker – employed by the Local Authority
  • Police Officer – from the Child Protection Unit
  • Social Worker – usually the one directly involved with your children
  • Senior Social Worker/Team Manager – the line manager of your children’s Social Worker
  • Foster Carer – if your children are being looked after (this may be a family member if your children are with them)
  • Fostering Social Worker – this is the Foster Carer’s Social Worker
  • Local Authority solicitor – they may or may not attend
  • Midwife – if you are pregnant
  • Health Visitor – if your children are under the age of 5
  • Public Health Nurse (formerly School Nurse) – if your children are 5-18
  • GP – usually the family GP is invited
  • Nursery or school teacher – if your children attend school
  • Anyone else involved with your children; for example Child Psychologist, Probation Services, Youth Offending, Mentor
  • Anyone involved with you; for example: Community Psychiatric Nurse, Adult Social Worker, Drug/Alcohol support, Domestic abuse support, Probation, Interpreter etc.
  • Your child may attend for some or all of the Conference depending on their age, wishes and feelings.

All of these people may or may not attend, and some will be known to you and some won’t. It’s likely there’ll be a lot of talking and note-taking. It’s advisable to try to bring someone with you for support and to take notes if possible.