There is certainly an element of being “thrown in at the deep end” when the Local Authority initiate Care Proceedings for your children, and you’re exposed to a world it’s likely you’ve never seen before. I thought it would be useful then to bring together a list of terms used during the Child Protection process. This is a working document, so I would welcome reader comments and input into the content and what is covered.


  • This covers the law within England and Wales. Scottish and Northern Irish family law are not covered.
  • I am not legally trained and write this only as a lay-person.
  • All of my wording is my own and the information is from my own experience.
  • I refer frequently to “your children”, and mean this in respect of the children involved with Children’s Services.

[glossary_atoz /]

6 thoughts on “Glossary

  1. Hi Annie,
    We meet yesterday at the PSW network meeting, just wanted to say again great presentation and as you can see I’ve looked up your website and already thinking how to best use your advise to improve practice and outcomes for children and their families.
    I remember you said this was a memorable day so I hope everything went well.

  2. Hi Annie,
    I met you on tuesday at the Birmingham NWC conference. I wanted to speak to you afterwards but didn’t get the chance as you were having a conversations with Tony.

    I just wanted to say, your findings about how social work is practice is so true. I was so guilty. You mentioned few references I wanted to have a read, not sure if I got the names right.
    Brainy brown?
    Mother and recurrent procedures?
    Are these anything ref you alluded to in your speech?

    I want to say once again that all the best in everything and keep on the good work.


    1. Hi Abigail,

      Many apologies, I’ve only just seen this. Thank you for such lovely feedback! It was a real joy to come and meet you all in Birmingham and I’m really looking forward to working with you soon.
      The references:
      Brene Brown
      I’m not sure about the last one – sorry!
      Hope to see you soon when I’m next in Birmingham.

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